Madras Railway Goods Engine, Old Print 1868

This old print of a “Madras Railway Goods Engine” is from “The Engineer” a journal from 12th June 1868.  It shows a cutaway illustration of the “Goods Engine”, with a brief technical description.

The Madras, now Chennai Railway Company was formed in c1845. Traveling by rail was a useful mode of transportation to connect the various British India era’s cities and military concerns.  This page is rare because the journal (1868) predates the Chennai Central  Station opening of 1873.

See my post- Antique Print Of Madras Central StationAnd the journal dates 12 years after the Royapuram Station opened in 1856. Remember the first passenger train in India traveled from Bombay to Thane in 1853. See my post- Antique Print First Passenger Train From Bombay to Thane 1853. Read more about- The great railway adventure.

Did you know- the total distance covered by the Indian Railways daily equals three and a half times the distance to the moon. 

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