Kaisarbagh Palace Lucknow – Old Postcard 1897

This is an old 1897 photo postcard of the Kaisarbagh Palace in Lucknow. Wajid Ali Khan built the Kaisarbagh Palace in Lucknow in 1847. Hugely spread out, the Kaiserbagh Palace was a town in a town sort of a complex.

Among the Nawabs of Lucknow Wajid Ali Khan was the most colourful of them all. He built the Kaisarbagh between 1827 to 1937 and intended to make it the 8th wonder of the world. And indulged it with stylish pillars, sprawling courtyard, magnificent markets, grand Mosques with towering minarets, and so on.

Wajid Ali Khan was surrounded by his harems, royal buildings, etc. But the British had a different design, the East Company’s soldiers ransacked the Palace. This was in retaliation for his mutinous leaning and support towards the Indian sepoys rebellion of 1847. Banishing him to Calcutta. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- Wajid Ali had 75 wives when he was banished to Calcutta. 

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