Hand-Pulled Punkahs In British Era Bungalows – 2 Old Photos

There are two old 1879 photographs of hand-pulled punkahs once used in British-era bungalows. Very likely a bygone era interior of a bungalow scene from Madras, now Chennai. Britishers and Europeans knew how to live life in India. Most Europeans or Englishmen had no problem with housing or servants in whichever part they were stationed in. They were provided with grand bungalows or homes with commodious rooms.

Furnished with hand-pulled punkahs pulled by punkah wallahs, oil lamps, and beautiful furniture all visible in these photographs. Leading an almost blissful life with a number of servants, ayahs, gardeners, etc.

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This bungalow is possibly from the Fort St George area, Madras (now Chennai). Because many Britishers mostly resided there. But they resided in Mount Road, Nungambakkam, or Adayar areas also. The rooms are tastefully done see the hand-pulled punkahs, the beautiful rosewood or teak furniture, carpets, and so on. Probably owned by a high British official or a European businessman.

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Solidly built with thick walls, stone foundation, hardwood timber like teakwood or mahogany. So much so that many old bungalows still stand strongly till today. There are many other pictures of the interior of bungalows and homes in this site. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- the punkahs shown were operated by the servants in the day and in the night, dispensing cool breeze making a soft swishing sound. 

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#14)., Parsi Gymkhana Club Mumbai – Old Postcard 1917., Srirangam Temple – Old Print 1872.

The images are of the actual items from my collection. And Not a photocopy, pirated, reproduced, or stock photos or taken from other sources.

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