European Girls Cycling At Commercial Street Bangalore, 1904 Postcard

European Girls Cycling At Commercial Street Bangalore, 1904 PC

A 1904 postcard with a rare glimpse of European girls cycling at Commercial Street in Bangalore (Bengaluru). Three European girls seem to be riding their bicycles on this famous street in Bangalore at the beginning of the 20th century. The famous “Commercial Street” name was derived from a London shopping street during the colonial era. The street is crisscrossed with narrow bylanes and is quite near to M. G. Road and Russell Market (Shivaji Nagar). 

This is probably one of the earliest postcards of the street in Bengaluru. It looked hardly crowded at that time, unlike what it is today, which is mostly packed with shoppers. Military and civilian officers and their families, primarily British, would come shopping here. One such was Winston Churchill, a subaltern soldier, who frequented the place regularly. Churchill would later go on to become the prime minister of Great Britain from 1940-45.

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Did you know- Americans would use the word Bangalored frequently. This refers to when a person loses his job to an outsourcing company because of cheaper labour. 

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