Panoramic View of Esplanade & Chowringhee Road Calcutta, 1890.

An old 1890 photo with a Panoramic View of Esplanade & Chowringhee Road Calcutta (or Kolkata), 1903. This beautiful view of the British era Calcutta shows the Chowringhee Road in the foreground. The Esplanade (Maidan), the Ochterlony monument, and Manohar Das Tarag (pond) are on the left. Notable are the two horse-drawn trams trotting in opposite directions. Since there were no motor vehicles then, a number of horse carriages are visible on Chowringhee Road.

On the left of the Ochterlony monument is the domed Government House. And on the right of the monument is the unmissable dome of the General Post Office of Calcutta. The Fort William, Victoria Memorial, and the harbour, all lie close by though not visible in this photo. Although the tall masts of the steamer ships are visible faintly in the far distance between the Government House and the Ochterlony monument. Also visible faintly and at a distance is the spire of the St Andrews Church (or Scottish Church). Click on the photo for better view. 

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Did you know – in the early 19th century, a businessman philanthropist Manohar Das, converted a portion of land into a pond to provide drinking water for the cows. He was an animal lover, and the tank is called Manohar Das Tarag.

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