Durbar Hall In Ernakulam (Kochi), 1935 Photo

A rare 1935 photo of the Durbar Hall and its ground in Ernakulam (Kochi). The bandstand and a portion of the famous Ernakulam Siva Temple are also vaguely visible on the right. Located in the heart of the city, the property once belonged to the Maharaja of Cochin. He would hold public audiences or the durbar at this hall, hence the appellation Durbar Hall. There seems to be no clear record as to the age of this historic building.

Some claim it to be over 100 years old, and some over 150 years. But the exact age is probably lost in the archives of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) or the state government archives. Many grand ceremonies and state functions were held here during the sovereignty of the Maharajas of Cochin. The road right in front is called by its namesake Durbar Hall Road (DH Road).

The government officials have perhaps made a bit of a hash of this once grand legacy of the Princely State of Cochin. Probably with their lackadaisical attitude or maybe over-exuberance. In the course of time, the land area has shrunk to half of its original size (2 acres now). Because of encroachments and the building of residential quarters for officials at the northern periphery. The Durbar Hall itself was restored in a haphazard manner not keeping in mind its heritage value while renovating it. Looks a bit more modernistic today rather than the old quaint building it was once. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – the DH Road touches the intersection of Foreshore Road and Park Avenue Road. Where the Rajendra Maidan and Boat Jetty are located. 

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