Curzon’s Imposing Delhi Durbar In 1903, 1903 Photo

A 1903 photo of what was believed to be Lord Curzon’s imposing but extravagant Delhi Durbar in 1903. Also known as the Imperial or Coronation Durbar of 1903. Then Viceroy Lord Curzon was the brain behind it. He took total charge by organizing the ceremony to the minutest detail.

So much so that it was undoubtedly the grandest and also the most extravagant of the Delhi Durbars. The event was to celebrate the succession of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra as Emperor and Empress of India. After all this, the king, could not make it, to the huge disappointment of Curzon.

The monarch deputed his brother Prince Arthur in his place instead. The photo shows the domed pavilion where Prince Arthur was seated. King George V succeeded the throne after his father Edward’s death in 1910. For this, a third Delhi Durbar was held in 1911, to honour of King George V and Queen Mary on their succession. The first durbar was in 1877, proclaiming Queen Victoria as the Empress of India. Click on the photo for better view

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Did you know- the 1903 durbar is said to have equalled or even excelled Mughal period grand ceremonies.

From the collection-1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#17)., View Of Bombay From Mazgaon Engraved Print 1845., View Of Cochin – Antique Hand coloured Plan 1704., Aerial View of Indian Parliament – Old Postcard 1930

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