Cumballa Hill War Hospital Bombay, Red Cross PC 1915

Old 1915 PC or postcard of the Cumballa Hill War Hospital, issued by the Red Cross Bombay, now Mumbai. The First World War (WWI) led to bloody warfare for the first time in modern history. It was unprecedented thanks to new military technology. An estimated 1.25 million Indians served in WWI. Many of them were wounded and admitted to the war hospitals in Mumbai.

One of them being this Cumballa Hill War Hospital. Now known as the Parsee General Hospital, Kemps Corner in Mumbai. Some others were the Colaba hospital, Victoria, Lady Hardinge hospital, and so on. As evident on the back, the Red Cross issued this postcard. Back in the old days perhaps even today they sold postcards, lotteries, coupons, etc to raise funds for their medical services. Thus the existence of these Red Cross postcards. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- during World War I, the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, was converted into a 600-bed hospital.

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