Commercial Road In Ooty During British Era, 1930 Postcard

commercial road

A rare view of Commercial Road in Ooty during the British era shown in this 1930 postcard. Commercial Road’s name itself is explanatory in that it is the business district of Ooty. Shops are lined on both sides of the road. Crowded with holidaymakers, traffic, and the occasional cows. Undoubtedly, the busiest street in town. The road intersects the famous Charring Cross Junction.

Viewing this rare and early postcard of Commercial Road shows it in a remarkably virgin state. Unhurried and unruffled just as a hill station possibly should be. Shops seem to be lined only on one side of the street, with the other side yet to be developed. The development of the new row may have taken place by the 1930s or 40s. It is a well-known fact that today Ooty is one of the busiest hill stations in India. Perhaps, to the point of being more commercial than serene in most places.

To see the road today go to Commercial Road Ooty.

Did you know – a procession called Santa Comes to Town, is held each year on Commercial Road during the Christmas season.

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