British Royal Field Artillery Belgaum, 1870 Photo

British Royal Field Artillery Belgaum, 1870 Photo

An 1870 photo of a British military Royal Field Artillery at Belgaum (Belgavi). It shows six British soldiers on horseback and a field artillery gun at the back. The quaint old building also seen is probably the soldier’s Barracks. The need never arose for the British to travel much inland from their fortified base in Madras, now Chennai until 1767.

Their strategic planning completely changed after the four Anglo-Mysore wars erupted (1st in 1767 and the last in 1799). That defeated Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan. The impregnable fort of Tipu Sultan’s near Bangalore was also breached and ransacked by the British. After the wars, Belgaum and Bangalore were made into important military bases for the colonial rulers because of their strategic locations and cool climates.

See the names of the six officers and soldiers at the bottom of the photo’s mount, see also the title on the top.

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Did you know- in the Global Firepower’s report India has the world’s fourth-largest combined military force. With a strength of 1.3 million personnel in active service.

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