British Flag At Lucknow Residency, 1947 Photo

British Flag At Lucknow Residency, 1947 Photo

British Flag At Lucknow Residency, 1947 Photo

Old 1947 photograph of a British Flag that was flying from 1847 to 1947 over the Residency in Lucknow. A newspaper clipping at the back reads “The Union Jack flying from a tower of the ruined Residency at Lucknow. From which it had never been lowered since recapture of the town after the siege of 1857. It was hauled down for the first and last time at midnight last night. Marking the transference of power to the Dominion of India (Hindustan).”

The ruined British Residency building is shown in this photograph. A result of the heavy battle that took place from May to November 1857. Between the Indian rebels and European troops and civilians who were holed up inside the vast complex. The Residency was a vast building complex in 33-acre land. One of the main structures was the residential quarters of the Resident-General.

Trouble was brewing for quite some time between the Europeans and disgruntled Indian sepoys and locals. Resulting in the conclusive attack of Britishers and their families. All of whom would take refuge under the immense cover of the Residency. That included around three thousand men, women, and children. Heavy fighting ensued for at least six months. The siege was finally crushed by November with further English reinforcements. The situation was brought under control. Two thousand men, women, and children who took refuge inside had died.

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The print shows the building in its full glory before the Indian Mutiny of 1857. Today the ruined monument is a memorial and a grim reminder of the colonial domination and sepoy rebellion of 1857.

Did you know- the mutiny brought to an end the rule of the East India Company in India. 


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