British Era South Parade Road / M G Road Bangalore, 1905 PC.

British Era South Parade Road / M G Road Bangalore, 1905 PC

A 1905 oilette postcard of South Parade now M G Road in Bangalore (Bengaluru). The oilette postcard depicts Spencer & Co department store in South Parade Road. Chowringhee Road in Calcutta, Mount Road in Madras, and Esplanade Road in Bombay were once fashionable roads in the British era. Where shops, department stores, banks, and other commercial establishments were located.

Likewise was the case with South Parade or M G Road in Bangalore. The Europeans hung out in shops on these streets for their general needs. And if time permitted indulge in some small talk or gossip too with acquaintances. Although there is also the Commercial Street and Brigade Road which were once the charm of the city. A huge population of Europeans once resided here. Because of the cantonment, military, medical, or business establishments that were based here. 

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Did you know – that Winston Churchill owed a sum of Rs 13 to Bangalore club, which is still in the club’s records. 

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