Bombay War Charity WW1 In British India – Old Print 1917

This antique print of Bombay, now Mumbai, shows war time charity sale in WW1. This colonial-era scene is a page from The Illustrated War News of Jan 10, 1917. It measures 11 x 8 inches. The upper photo shows the residence of the Admiral in command at Mumbai. It would later become a club for Army nurses. The lower image shows a Fete at the Town Hall, Bombay, titled And A War Sale.

Extract from the page- “Lady Chelmsford, wife of the Viceroy gave recently an interesting speech on work in India. She showed that from the beginning of the war the women of India, both British and native, had worked splendidly to raise funds for providing comforts and medical requisites for the troops.  The elite of the Bombay women of 1916 or 1917 landed up for the charity…”

Curiously the Union Jack flags can be seen flying from the entrance and from the top of the Town Hall building. Read about-  How was India involved in the First World War?.

Did you know- Winston Churchill’s policies contributed to the horrific Bengal famine of 1943 killing 2-3 million Indians.

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