Ballard Pier Mole Railway Station – Old Postcard 1944

Ballard Pier Mole Railway Station, 1944 Postcard

The Railway Station was once the starting point for the Punjab Mail and the Frontier Mail (Golden Temple Express). Located in the south of Bombay, now Mumbai next to the port.

By 1944 it closed down, this Postcard is in memory of this once great railway landmark. If looking closely at the picture, a ship lies in the harbor with its three smokestacks visible in the background. The harbor building and its central tower are also visible on the right.

It had the unusual name of Mole Railway Station, possibly because of its resemblance to a mole hole. Located just next to Bombay port, it operated from the 1900s until 1944. And it was mainly to cater to the British and European passengers who arrived in steamers from abroad.

They would board either the Frontier Mail or the Punjab Mail to take them to their various destinations in eastern India or northern India (up to Peshawar). It was the same the other way round too. Because of the coming of regular air travel, it saved travel time considerably compared to steamer ship travel.

Enabling passengers to arrive faster by flight rather than steamers. Because of this, the station’s importance diminished greatly which forced its closure.

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Did you know– the Frontier Mail ran between Ballard Pier, to Peshawar (Pakistan) before 1944. And was declared as “One of the most famous express trains within the British Empire”

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