150 Year Old Cast Iron Monument To A Parsi Bombay – 2 PCs 1900

khada parsi statue byculla

Two old 1900 postcards of a 150-year-old cast iron monument to a Parsi in Bombay (Mumbai). The monument consists of a statue on a Corinthian column with four ornate gas-lit street lamps. All in solid cast iron 40 feet tall. Dedicated to Shet Cursetjee Manockjee a Parsi businessman and educational reformer.

Commissioned by his son Manockjee Cursetjee, it was erected in 1860 at Byculla, for Rs 20,000 at that time. This 150-year-old cast iron statue was gifted by Cursetjee’s family to the Municipal Corporation (BMC). Because of the usual myopic views of the authorities, the statue stands sandwiched between two flyovers. It seems almost lost to posterity.

Read more Khada Parsi may stand elsewhere.

Did you know – this tall monument has an almost exact replica in far away in Chile, South America.

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cast iron parsi statue bombay