Victoria Carriage In Bombay, 1940 Postcard

victoria carriage bombay

Old 1940 photo postcard of the Victoria horse-drawn carriage or Victorias for short in British era Bombay (Mumbai). These were once the best modes of travel before the advent of automobiles. There is some handwritten message on the back both in pencil and pen and is not too legible, some lines vaguely read- “A typical mode of travel in Bombay. When Dick was here during World War II. Dick is on the right…”

Not sure which part of Bombay this photo was taken in but most likely near the Gateway of India or perhaps the Fort area. These Victoria horse-drawn carriages were very popular in Bombay not only during the British era but even until the early 1990s. Because of the faster motor transport, it ceased as a utility vehicle a long time ago and was used more for joy rides. The high court put a stop to that too and banned the Victorias for a good reason citing animal cruelty.

Read more about A Mumbai Victoria horse-carriage builder .

Did you know- it was announced in Mumbai that battery-operated Victorias (without horses) would be introduced in 2019.  

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