Thrissur Pooram Decorated Elephants, 1910 Postcard

thrissur pooram

Old 1910 photo postcard of the Thrissur Pooram decorated elephants now present-day Kerala. This is very likely the famous Thrissur Pooram Festival held annually in the city of Thrissur (formerly Trichur), Kerala. A large gathering of elephants normally stand intwo rows facing each other typical of the Thrissur Pooram Festival. Around 20 to 30 elephants participate in this grand event.

A grand spectacle of elephants, a huge crowd of people, and dazzling fireworks. Truly at least once in a lifetime to watch event. The elephants are decorated in the best temple finery. The foreheads and trunks are adorned with the Nettipattam (or caprison) a golden head gear. Two rows of the biggest sized elephants stand facing each other.

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Did you know- the event is celebrated with a colorful procession of caparisoned elephants, parasol exchanges, drum beating concerts, display of pyro-techniques. Considered to be the largest in the world. 

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