The State Entry Into Delhi of Queen Mary, 1912 Print

The State Entry Into Delhi of Queen Mary, 1912 Print

A 1912 print displays the state entry into Delhi of Queen Mary. This is a page from the London based newspaper The Sphere of Jan 6, 1912. Queen Mary and her Husband King-Emperor George V had arrived for the Delhi Durbar of 1911. They were on a five-week tour of British India.

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The queen is shown here arriving as a state guest in a horse carriage. Soldiers and attendants seem to diligently do their jobs. It was in this Delhi Durbar whence King George V announced the change of India’s capital from Calcutta to Delhi.

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For the colonial rulers, Delhi was somewhat a centralized location. Lahore and Karachi were closer in distance to Delhi than being in Calcutta (Kolkata). Simla as well, the summer capital, was also closer to Delhi than Calcutta.

Did you know- it was the first time in 300 years of British rule that a reigning British monarch had set foot on Indian soil.

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