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Royal Indian Army Service Corps – Old Photo

This is an old 1942 photograph of the Royal Indian Army Service Corps or RIASC. Based in Scotland with Indian recruits in the RIASC, it was a non-combative force. Mainly for supply and logistics support in combat. In World War II the logistics support was with the help of both animals and motorized vehicles. The men from this division were drawn primarily from India’s Punjab region. This photo shows a division of the RIASC based in Scotland in 1942.

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This is a wirephoto received by the wirephoto process which was in vogue from 1935 to the 1980s. Ultimately to cease because of the rapid spread of the easier and sharper digital photographs via the internet. Wirephotos allowed the transmission of photographic images via telephone or telegraph lines to newspaper publications. The image received would be identical but of lesser quality like this photograph. But nevertheless a great boon for the world news reporting at the time.

Did you know- after independence it was renamed the Indian Army Service Corps. 

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British Official Photograph, War Office Photo