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Railway Accident In British India Era – Old Photo 1900

This is an old 1900 photo of a railway accident in the British India era. By the look of it perhaps steam loco derailment. Also noticeable is a heavy tonnage railway recovery steam crane on standby. India’s railways were the most important infrastructure development in the colonial era. Introduced in the country between 1830-40, the first railway journey took place in 1853.

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Since then it took an immense leap in the advancement of the railways. Miles and miles of tracks were added each year, interconnecting the vast country rapidly. The country’s development shot up because of the railway’s logistic support to the industry and also to the military. Railway accidents were an inevitable feature in the early years because of many factors of weather, poor quality of the rails, human error, etc. And not much safety equipments were discovered back then.

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Did you know- Lord Dalhousie Governor-General from 1838-1849 is considered to be the father of the Indian railway. 

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#17).,  British Soldiers Club Bangalore – Old Postcard 1900., View of Bombay Showing The Fort – Old Print 1850., Vintage Book 1967 – Kerala A Portrait Of The Malabar Coast

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