Lutyens Abroad The Work Of Sir Edwin Lutyens- Book

Title- Lutyens Abroad The Work Of Sir Edwin Lutyens Outside The British Isles

Edited By- Andrew Hopkins & Gavin Stamp

Publishers- The British School At Rome, London

Year- 2002

The book examines Sir Edwin Lutyens’s hugely significant works beyond Great Britain. Sir Edwin Lutyens was born in 1869 and died towards the end of the Second World War, on New Year’s day 1944. His life and career thus coincide with the track of the British Empire.

Although he made his name by designing romantic vernacular houses in southern England. But he also responded to opportunities offered by Britain’s Imperial ambitions abroad, especially British India. He worked in South Africa, and in a rare case of government opting for the best. Edwin Lutyens was chosen to realize the greatest architectural adventure of colonial expansion- the new capital of British India- New Delhi.

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From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal On Paper (#2)., Ooty Town & Lake – Old Photo 1890., Grand Hotel In Chowringee Road Calcutta – Old Postcard 1908., Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Cavalcade – Old Print 1888