Indian National Congress Bombay or Mumbai – Old Print 1905

This a vintage print of the Indian National Congress Party’s conference in Bombay or Mumbai. It is from a French magazine dating to 1905. It measures 9 x 5 inches. Translated into English the title reads- The 20 Indian National Congress in Bombay arrival of delegates at the pandal built for congress meetings. This refers to the 20th anniversary of the Congress party in Mumbai in 1905.

In its initial days, the party was not formed to demand independence from British rule. It was in fact set up to bring together a group of educated individuals on a common platform to influence the policymaking of the colonial government. In its early years and up to three decades of its inception, the Congress was an exclusive organization. Overshadowed by elite English educated and city-bred Indian members.

The organization was more like a public speaking platform than a political party. But it was Mohandas K. Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi who had taken over the mantle in 1920 who changed it into a mass movement that was unprecedented. Notice the huge pandal with people hanging around. Some delegates have just arrived by carriage. Established in 1895 A. O. Hume a Britisher was one of the founders of the INC.

Annie Besant, a popular European woman, was an active member and became the president in 1917. Read more- History of the INC

Did you know- Subhas Chandra Bose was a member of the Congress and became the President in 1938 but resigned in 1939.

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