German Ship Emden Bombing Madras – Old Postcard 1956

Old 1956 postcard of the German ship “Emden” bombarding Madras, now Chennai. The postcard shows a print from a painting of Professor Willy Stower (1864-1931). He was a German artist and author of some repute. A prolific painter and best known for his nautical paintings on historical maritime events. The most famous of them all is his painting of the sinking of the Titanic. Shown here is the German warship the Emden bombing the city of Madras.

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The warship inflicted absolute terror on the people on the night of  22nd Sept 1914. Continuously firing shells, damaging five out of the six oil tankers near the harbour. The compound wall of the High Court was damaged, also damaging many homes. The ship fired from 2 km offshore, the guns’ range was 12km. The shells landed as far as Nungambakkam and Poonamallee road.

Undoubtedly the Germans were sophisticatedly armed bringing the WWI battle to India’s door. That a single night’s deadly firing created so much panic and terror exactly as desired by the Germans. It evoked a daily exodus from the city in thousands. Even before the British navy could react, the Emden quietly slipped out in the darkness of the night. Leaving behind wondrous awe to this day. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- the Emden was a Dresden Class Light Cruiser of 3664 tons, 386ft in length, armed with ten guns and two torpedo tubes. Launched in 1908.

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