Gemini Flyover Mount Road Chennai, 1973 Postcard

Gemini Flyover Mount Road Chennai, 1973 Postcard

An old rare 1973 postcard of the Gemini Flyover on Mount Road, Chennai. It is also known as Gemini Bridge or Anna Flyover. Completed in 1973 it was the first flyover in Chennai (earlier Madras), and the third one in India. Kemps Corner and Marine Drive both in Mumbai (earlier Bombay) were the earliest.

This Anna Flyover was also once the longest in India. The purpose was to have smooth unhindered traffic on Mount Road, now Anna Salai. It was the first major road that was built by the British in the city. It connected Fort St George to St Thomas Mount where a British military camp was based.

Today Mount Road or Anna Salai is one of the main arterial roads of the city and is unfortunately heavily congested. A famous icon of the area is the Equestrian Statues on both sides of the bridge, see lower right of the image. It depicts a man controlling a prancing horse. The statue was erected in 1970 with respect to the banning of horse racing in the city.

Did you know- the flyover was named after an iconic film studio situated close by, called Gemini Studio. Sadly the Gemini Studio was later demolished for some reason. But the area is still referred to as Gemini Circle.

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