Flower Show Event In British Era Poona, 1904 Photo

Flower Show At British Era Poona, 1904 Photo

A 1904 photo of a British era flower show event in Poona (Pune). The floral arrangement appears to have been tastefully done, with Indian attendants at hand. As a relaxation gardening seems to have been one of the best preoccupations for the Europeans. Many plants were brought in from the UK and Portugal.

The concept of lawns was copied from the Britishers. The founding of horticultural societies and botanical gardens further enhanced interest in gardening. Since Poona was located on the Deccan Plateau it had the perfect climate for growing many varieties of imported plants.

Since Bombay (Mumbai) had a busy port thus importing seeds and saplings was not a difficult. During the British era there were well endowed botanical gardens, some of these were the Royal Agri-Horticulture Society Garden, Calcutta; Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore; Government Botanical Garden, Ooty, and so on.

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Did you know- that Emperor Ashoka planted trees on the roadside for the purpose of providing shade to travellers. 

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