Elphinstone College, Kala Ghoda & Trams Bombay, 1900 Postcard

elphinstone college kala ghoda

A 1900 postcard of Elphinstone College, Kala Ghoda, and trams in Bombay (Mumbai). Elphinstone College was established in 1823, constituting it as one of the oldest colleges in Bombay. It played a vital role in the establishment of the University of Bombay. The college also went on to play a critical role in shaping the educational background of the city.

Named after Mountstuart Elphinstone the Governor of Bombay from 1819 to 1823. Kala Ghoda once referred to the statue of  King Edward VII mounted on a horse. The King Edward’s statue mounted on a horse was erected in honour of his visit to Bombay in 1875 in the capacity of Prince of Wales. See the horse-drawn trams near the college, the trams would be electrified in 1907. Also partly visible is the David Sassoon Library. The broad avenue is the Esplanade Road later to be named Mahatma Gandhi Road.

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Did you know – Elphinstone was credited with the opening of several educational institutions accessible to the Indian population. Besides, he wrote books on India and Afghanistan.

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