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Electric Trams of Madras 1930- Old Photo

This is an old photograph of the electric tram service of Madras, now Chennai dating to the 1930s. Measuring  3¼ x 2½  inch, it is from a series of three photographs on Chennai. See the others- Electric Tram & Madras Central Railway Station – Old Photograph., and Ripon Building & Victoria Hall 1930. Although the pictures are small in size but give a rare glimpse of bygone era Chennai’s cityscape and its once majestic tramways. 

Running on the Poonamalle high road, the imposing building in the background is the then Madras & Southern Mahratta (M&SM) Railway headquarters. The M&SM is now the Southern Railway Headquarters. The trams ran 26 km in the city operating for nearly 60 years (1895 to 1953). See also my post- Vintage Photo Mount Road Tram

Because of labour problems the service was scrapped in 1953, I hope the then government would have taken a leaf out of the Calcutta, (Kolkata) tramways which is still going strong 147 years later.

Did you know- Chennai in 1874 first operated the horse-drawn tramway, by 1886 for some reason it was considered an utter failure, and the tracks narrowly escaped getting scrapped. By 1895 it was revived for the electric tramway which is now history.

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