Cameron Highlanders British Regiment Bangalore, 1911 PC

Cameron Highlanders British Regiment Bangalore, 1911 PC

This is an old 1911 photo postcard of a British regiment that was based in Bangalore, now Bengaluru. Many British military regiments were based in Bengaluru. The city had one of the biggest cantonments in India. The Cameron Highlanders an elite regiment in the British Indian military was one of them. This Scottish Highlander regiment had even taken part in the Indian rebellion of 1857. Britain’s war against France in 1793 the British army was in need of volunteers.

Sir Allen Cameron a Scottish soldier created the 79th foot regiment at his own expense. They were mainly volunteers from the Cameron’s Highlanders clan in Scotland. This postcard shows some of the soldiers of the regiment displaying their unit’s flags in Bangalore in the colonial era. The Scottish church of St Andrews is also in Bengaluru, where a considerable number of Scottish military and civil services officers were present in colonial times.

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Did you know- the Kitchener reforms began in 1903 when Lord Kitchener completed the unification of the three Presidency armies (Bombay, Madras & Calcutta). That included the Punjab Frontier Force, the Hyderabad Contingent, and other local forces, into one Indian Army.

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