Calcutta Night Scene WW2 – Old Photo 1942

An old 1942 news photograph of the night scene in Calcutta or Kolkata in WW2. It shows Lindsay Street outside the Hogg Market in Calcutta. It was the height of World War II, see the text on the back of this photograph that reads- “Jap landing at Akyab Imperils Calcutta.”

The typed text mentions Calcutta being at risk of a Japanese air attack in 1942, with Akyab(Burma) as a base. A piece of real alarming news back then. Fortunately, the bombardment did not take place, Japan did attempt to invade India via the northeast.

But were pushed back in the bloodiest battle, the Battle of  Kohima and Imphal in 1944. The combined might of the British Indian Army with logistic support by the US Army pushed them back.

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Notice an interesting advertisement painted on a parked beer van (2nd row) “Ask For Bulfields British Beer.” The names have changed since then- Hogg Market is now New Market, although Lindsay Street remains the same.

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Did you know- Kolkata was the second most important city after London in the British Empire. 

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7¼ x 9¼ inch

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Acme Newspictures USA