The British Prince of Wales In India, 1906 Print

The British Prince of Wales In India, 1906 Print

The British Prince (future King George V) and Princess of Wales are shown in India in this 1906 print. This page is from the “Black & White”, newspaper, of January 13, 1906. The Prince and Princess of Wales toured India, beginning in November 1905, and lasted until March 1906. It included a tour of North and South India, Burma, the Punjab areas of undivided Pakistan, etc.

The events consisted of military field maneuvers in Punjab, New Year’s gathering in Calcutta, tiger shooting in Nepal, and so on. Because of the oppressive heat in South India, the route was adapted accordingly. Shown in these pictures, the Prince and Princess of Wales, are at two of the events. One is the unveiling of the statue of Queen Victoria in Agra.

The other shows them returning after visiting the Nicholson Monument in Delhi. The newspaper reports with two pictures, the bottom one reads – “On September 14th, 1857, Brigadier-General John Nicholson led the storming party at the siege of Delhi, and fell mortally wounded. He died on the 23rd of the same month.”

The top picture – “The statue is a fine work in bronze, and stands on the highest ground in the neighbourhood. Looking over Akbar’s mighty fort, with the Taj Mahal in the background, and the city spread before it. The fruit of extraordinarily widespread reverence to the first Empress of India.” 

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Did you know- on May 6, 1910, following the death of his father, Edward VII, George V was crowned King-Emperor of the British Empire.

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