Bandra Near Bombay – Old Print 1882

The text is in French and in English it would read “View of Bandora, Near Bombay, From A Photograph.” Bandora better known as Bandra today. It was part of Salsette Island, now a Mumbai Suburban District. In its early years, it was originally occupied by the Kolis and farmers. And a part of Salsette one of the seven islands of Bombay, now Mumbai.

Bandra in Mumbai was once a part of a cluster of tiny villages populated by its original inhabitants, the Kolis. The British East India Company had secured it for themselves from the Portuguese who had control of the whole of Bombay at the time. It was variously called Bandor, Bandora, Bandera, Bandura, Bandara, and so on. The British then anglicized it to Bandra.

It had many churches built by the Portuguese, and St Andrews Church was the earliest of them dating to 1575. Bandra has two hills Mount Mary and Pali Hills. Read more about History of Bandra.

Did you know- it has a Fort Castella de Aguada or better known as Bandra Fort built by the Portuguese in 1640. 

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