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Backwater View From Rajendra Maidan Kochi – Old Postcard

This is an old 1950 photo postcard of the backwater view from Rajendra Maidan, Kochi. The ground is an indispensable part of Kochi, once the city’s most popular open space. But the Rajendra Maidan gate seems to be locked quite often. That denies a spectacular view of the backwaters from this majestic maidan. As it is the city, unfortunately, has only a few open spaces for the public to relax and unwind.

Rajendra Maidan had also historic value too, in pre-independence India, it was used for agitations opposing British colonial raj. Named after one Mr. Rajendran who was involved in India’s freedom struggle and became a martyr. Cochin Maharajah Rama Varma’s statue was adjacent to the ground where Mahatma Gandhi’s statue now stands.

Ernakulam has a history of its own, it had links with the Chera Dynasty during the Sangam era between 350BC to 200AD. The dynasty ruled Kerala and Tamil Nadu during this period. Read more- History of Ernakulam. Fort Cochin a part of Ernakulam had historical significance. The Portuguese arrived here from Calicut setting up their post in the 16th century.

Subsequently to be forced out by the Dutch after more than a century of Portuguese colonial rule. The Dutch in turn would be dislodged by the British. It should be remembered all this eventful period was for the sake of today’s common pepper. In Europe, it was worth its weight in gold at the time. See my post- Fort Cochin & City Antique Map Plan Of 1761. 

Did you know- Ernakulam district has centuries-old six Synagogues clearly indicating the cosmopolitan environment and culture prevailing at a bygone era. 

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#15)., Government House Calcutta – Old Photo 1890., The Madras Iron Pier – Old Print 1863., Madras Central Railway Station – Rare Advertisement 1940

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