Apollo Bunder Harbour British Era Bombay – 2 Old Postcards 1910

Apollo Bunder Harbour British Era Bombay

Apollo Bunder Harbour British Era Bombay

Two 1910 postcards of Apollo Bunder and the harbour in British Era Bombay (Mumbai). This piece of rectangular land that juts into the sea was a passenger landing jetty. Steamers arriving from abroad anchored off deeper waters, and the passengers were then ferried to the Apollo Bunder jetty. The Apollo Bunder would later have one of the most famous landmarks on its site- The Gateway of India (opened in 1924). It commemorates King George V’s and Queen Mary’s visit to India for the 1911 Delhi Durbar.

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The king first paid a visit to India in 1906 as the Prince of Wales. Then again visited India in 1911, as King George V, and with his wife attended the Delhi Durbar of 1911. The jetty would later be renamed Wellington Pier. The iconic Taj Mahal Hotel and the Royal Bombay Yacht Club, both face the Gateway of India. The Wellington Pier was some sort of a natural harbour dating back centuries that was used by the Portuguese, French, Marathas, etc.

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Did You Know- there were many mountains in Mumbai that were leveled by the British and the rubble used for the reclamation of the islands.

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Apollo Bunder Harbour British Era Bombay