What Life Was Like In The Jewel In The Crown, Book

Title – What Life Was Like In The Jewel In The Crown.

Editor – Denise Dersin

Publisher – Caxton Publishing Group, London

Year- 2006

What Life Was Like In The Jewel In The Crown book tells the fascinating story of the determined statesman Sir Thomas Roe. Along with many other compelling tales of the men and women of British India. What Life Was Like In The Jewel In The Crown focuses on the daily lives of the British in India from 1600. When Queen Elizabeth granted a royal charter to British merchants.

Giving them exclusive trading privileges with the “Indies,” through the rule of Viceroy Lord Curzon, who managed the world’s largest empire for Victoria, empress of India.  The book depicts the grandeur of Indian architecture and the awesome landscapes of the subcontinent. An interesting book about the Taj Mahal and the Moghul Period and its ups and downs. The arrival of English merchant ships to the shores of India, the creation of the East India Company. The wonders of the Maharajas and Nawabs and their opulence. Click on the photo for better view.

From the collection – Raja Ravi Varma’s “Mohini On A Swing” – Vintage Print 1930s., Hawa Mahal Jaipur – Old Photo 1880., Prince of Wales In British Era Mumbai, 1921 Postcard., View Of Bombay From Mazgaon Engraved Print 1845.

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