View of Shoolay Bangalore, Old Postcard 1910

This is an old 1910 photo postcard about “View of Shoolay” in Bangalore, now Bengaluru. Shoolay is linked with the creation of Bengaluru Cantonment from 1809.  It was a small village or an inhabited area. The name was derived from Lake Shoolay that lay in close proximity to this small village. Since it lay close to the cantonment it became a residence to British service officers, merchants, and traders.

Unfortunately, the lake was filled up and a football stadium came up in its place. Bangalore was first founded by Kempe Gowda I, who built a mud fort in 1537. Although there are evidence of traces of civilization dating back to 890. But it was Kempe Gowda who developed it into a city ruled under the Vijaya Nagar empire.

Hyder Ali would later capture the city and the mud fort. The fortress was reinforced with stone walls first by Hyder Ali then completed by Tipu Sultan. The British defeated Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan capturing the fort and the city after the fourth Anglo-Mysore wars in 1799. Bengaluru thereafter would develop into a huge military cantonment city. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- the Shoolay Circle that connects Brigade Road with Richmond Circle and Hosur Road is today just another commercial area always jam-packed with traffic.

From the collection- c1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#1).,  1914 Daring German Warship Emden Visits Cochin Photos., Indian Soldiers In The British Raj – Old Print 1895

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