Trivandrum Canal Landing Place – Old Postcard 1900

This is an old postcard of the Trivandrum, now Thiruvanthapuram Canal landing place dating to 1900. Complete Kerala has canals, rivers, and backwaters likewise Thiruvanthapuram had numerous canals and backwaters. The waterways shown in this scene was apparently connected to a backwater, a common scene in Kerala.

The landing places were in common use before the advent of motor vehicles and roads. Since passenger and cargo boats were inevitable for transportation purposes in the backwaters of Kerala. See my post- 5 Old Postcards of Cochin, Ernakulam & Quilon Backwaters.  But are totally neglected today with many of these feeder waterways covered in weed and silt.

You can see it in here- A passage through time.  The place shown in this postcard is presumably the same as shown in the Raja Ravi Varma’s painting- Maharaja of Travancore and his younger brother welcoming the Governor-General of Madras. But converted into a market if you see this image of 1900. 

Didi you know- one can travel from the southern tip of Kerala to almost the northern tip (nearly 600 km) by water.

From the collection- 1971 Raja Ravi Varma Commemorative First Day Cover.,  Antique Photo Malik-I-Maidan Canon 1880., Vintage Print Aerial View Of Old & New Delhi.,  Antique Photos of Shakuntala Railway 1918

The images are of the actual items from my collection. And Not a photocopy, pirated, reproduced, or stock photos or taken from other sources.