The Unforgettable Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, 1940 PC

The Unforgettable Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, 1940 PC

A 1940 photo postcard of the unforgettable Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. Born in 1891, Bhupinder Singh became the Maharaja of Patiala at the tender age of 9 (1900). The succession was after the death of his father Maharaja Rajinder Singh. He ruled the princely state of Patiala from 1900 to 1938.

But what set him apart from the rest was his extravagant and quirky lifestyle. This is, to put it mildly. He was gifted with a huge appetite for food and an equally high sexual hunger. He consumed almost 10 kg of food a day. And had a personal harem of over 350 women (concubines). Married five times and fathered 88 children.

His collection of Rolls Royces was 44 when he died. Passionate about sports. It was of no mean achievement that under his backing Patiala cricket and polo teams were considered the most formidable in British India. The Maharaja was the first in India to own an aircraft in 1910. Bhupinder Singh died in 1938. His son Yadavindra Singh succeeded him as the next Maharaja.

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Did you know – Adolf Hitler personally gifted him with a Maybach Car when he was in Berlin. 

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