Queen’s Statue At Esplanade Road Bombay, 1890 Postcard

Queen's Statue At Esplanade Road Bombay, 1890 Postcard

An 1890 postcard of Queen’s Victoria Statue at Esplanade Road in Bombay (Mumbai). The Esplanade Road was once Bombay’s most famous of the streets. Now known as Mahatma Gandhi Road. Visible on one side is the canopied Queen Victoria’s marble figure. The trend of installing Queen’s sculptures all over India began earnestly after 1857. When the Indian Empire came under the direct rule of the British Crown.

Thus doing away with East India Company’s rule over India. Victoria never came to India even for the Delhi Durbar of 1877 when she became the Empress of India. But she became absorbed into Indian life. Thirty years later after the mutiny of 1857, she was studying Hindustani, eating Indian curries. The British brought England with them. Bringing cricket, polo, clubs, statues, construction of fine buildings, and so on. All these have been absorbed into the Indian way of life as their own.

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Did you know- many local words that influenced the English language eg teak from the Malayalam word thek, similarly mango from Malayalam manga, pyjamas from Urdu, while ‘shampoo’ is from the Hindi word champo.

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