Erecting Pamban Railway Bridge British India, 1914.

Two rare old 1914 prints show the erection of the Pamban Railway Bridge in the British India era. The two prints are pages from, “The Engineer”, a publication dated 7th Aug 1914. Formerly named as the “Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge”, now known as the Annai Indira Gandhi bridge. Also called Pamban Railway Bridge. It is India’s first rail sea bridge.

Connecting Rameshwaram Island to mainland India. Rameshwaram Island lies on the Palk Strait. The first page shows rare images of the work in progress on the Pamban Railway Bridge (from August to December 1913). The second page is a foldout that shows the technical drawings of the various sections. It was designed by an American engineer William Scherzer.

And was constructed in such a manner that it allowed small ships to pass through, by raising its split cantilever spans. See image where a Ceylon steamer ship is passing through. Commissioned by the British, the work commenced in 1911 and the structure was completed in 1914. It was built for the purpose of smoother administrative control. By bringing provinces, towns, districts, and villages in Rameshwaram into contact with the mainland Madras Presidency, at that time. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – with 143 piers, spanning 2 km between the mainland and the island, it is the second longest sea bridge in India after the 2.3-km Bandra-Worli sea link on Mumbai’s western coast.

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