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British India Family With Vintage Car – Old Photo 1925

An old 1925 photograph of a British Indian family in their vintage car. This car is considered of vintage standards only by today’s times. I’m not able to identify the make or model but could be either a Chrysler, Morris, Wolseley, or any other. Because these were the most common brands before the Britishers (also wealthy Indians) before they left the country. Visible is an English couple with their child (at the wheels) and an Indian maidservant and her child.

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Karl Benz invented the motor car and applied for a patent in 1886. There were numerous brands and models that were imported into then British India. Some of these were the Ford, Buick, Chevrolet, Fiat, Standard, Daimler, Rolls Royce, and so on. Many lost out in marketing and became defunct. Many brands did not make it into the new country that India became after 1947. This was because of the tough criterion the government had put in place for the import of cars and goods. The selected few that survived were the unexciting types such as the Ambassador (Morris Oxford), Fiat 1100, Standard Vanguard, etc.

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Did you know- the Geedee museum at Coimbatore features the earliest motor car the Benz Patent Motorwagen built in 1886. 

From the collection- c1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal On Paper Nude (#3)., Princely State of Cochin And Harbour – Old Map 1833., A Palm Grove Bombay – Old Postcard 1903., View Of Bombay From Mazgaon Engraved Print 1845

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