View of British Era Poona, 1855 Print

View of British Era Poona, 1855 Print

View of Poona (now Pune) is a clipping from an English Newspaper from 1855. The view shows the river in the foreground with boats sailing by and a man standing on the river bank. It measures 10 x 8 inches in its mount. Poona lying on the Deccan plateau and is nicknamed the “Queen of the Deccan.”

Poona in its long history had skirmishes between the Marathas, Moghuls, and the British. Because of its cool climate, the British had a strong base there.  After Bombay or Mumbai, Pune is the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra. And has one of the best educational hubs because of its numerous educational institutions of high caliber today.

It is also the headquarters of the southern command of the Indian army. The Indian Defence Academy is in Khadakwasla, some kilometers away from Pune. Read more about Pune India.

Did you know- At its peak, the Maratha Empire extended from the West (Maharashtra & Gujarat) to the North (Pakistan) then to East (Orissa), and then South (Tamil Nadu). 

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