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Maharaja’s Banquet British India Era – Old Photo 1930

This is a vintage photograph of a western-style banquet in honor of a maharaja dating to 1930. In the British India days grand banquets, feasts, dinners, and so on were common. The Maharajas and other royalty fraternized with the British gentry and the elite had no hesitation in hosting them. Many of them with pomp and pageantry like the banquets of Kapurthala, Baroda, Mysore, etc.

One of the occasions is as seen in this old photograph. The gathering seems to be honoring a maharaja possibly of Indore. Not sure of the exact occasion but perhaps a state visit by the Indian royal. This excellent night time photo shows a mixed gathering of seemingly the elite, of English gentry and Indian royalty. The hall looks tastefully furnished with expensive chandeliers, tableware, and floral settings. 

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Did you know- the maharajas had an appetite for every kind of jewelry, when the British refused to let them wear western-style crowns, they simply wore tiaras over their turbans.

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