Great Indian Peninsula Railway’s Locomotive Bombay, 1900 Photo

Great Indian Peninsula Railway's Locomotive Bombay, 1900 Photo

A 1913 photo of a Great Indian Peninsula Railway’s (GIPR) Locomotive undergoing coaling at Bombay (Mumbai). It shows an English supervisor supervising the work. Partially visible on the steam engine’s tender is G I P R, which stands for the Great Indian Peninsular Railway. The GIPR  integrated into the Western Railway after independence.

It had operated the first train journey in India from Bori Bunder to Thane in 1853. See my post- Antique Print First Passenger Train From Bombay to Thane 1853After this first journey, the Great Indian Peninsula Railway was to expand quickly. And stretched all the way across the peninsular to Calcutta by 1870.

There were many other railway companies at the time of the British era, owned either privately or by the state but all under the ambit of the British raj. One of them was B.B & C.I R or the Bombay Baroda & Central India Railway. B.B & C.I got integrated into the Central Railway after independence.

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Did you know- In 1853 India operated its first passenger train from Bori Bunder station in Bombay to Tanna (Thana).

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