Dhobie In Bombay – Old Postcard 1903

This is an old 1903 postcard Bombay’s or Mumbai’s Dhobie.  Bombay had its dhobi or laundryman and are there. He is an indispensable must-have help for most households, hospitals, hotels, and so on. He collects the laundry and carts them off to the dhobie ghat or the laundry yard. Based in Mahalakshmi in Mumbai the dhobie ghat is a vast open area laundry.

The clothes are sorted and each marked with a code as per their own traditional way. And are then dried and again carted off to the rightful owners. In this traditional way astonishingly only a few may have been lost from the millions and millions of laundry that are washed on daily basis. This business has been going on for ages and generations of families continue the tradition.

Many have become wealthy and upgraded to machine washing where the load is higher and in turn higher profits. Read more- Behind the Scenes at Mumbai’s 140-Year-Old Dhobie Ghat. 

Did you know- over one lakh clothes are washed each day. Some of the wealthier dhobis have given up manual washing and have installed large mechanical washing and drying machines.

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