Dalhousie Barrack Fort William Kolkata – Old Postcard 1900

barracks calcutta


This is an old 1900 postcard that shows Dalhousie Barrack in Calcutta or Kolkata. Once the British East India Company set foot on Calcutta in 1690, it was quite natural for them to build a fort. Which they did building Fort William in 1696, and in 1856 they built the Dalhousie Barrack within the fort area. Named after Lord Dalhousie who was the Governor-General from 1848 to 1856.

The purpose is to accommodate soldiers of an army garrison. It has a dormitory-like accommodation with lavatories usually at the end of each floor like this one. As the footprint of the British Raj spread across India barracks were an inevitable part of the army. Many of them were set up by the British across India. See some of them from my collection.

Vintage Postcard Colaba Barracks Bombay., and Vintage Postcard Wellington Barrack Nilgiris 1905. Also, see- Antique Photo Belgaum Royal Field Artillery 1870. Read also about- ‘Netaji Cell’. There is a handwritten message on the back probably from a soldier that reads- “This is an exceptionally high barrack, most of them being one or two storeys high.

It is lit with electric light & fitted with electric punkahs. In other barracks oil lamps & punkah coolies have to suffice.”  The Dalhousie Barrack is still in use but this time by the Indian Army and even today it looks imposingly large building.

Did you know- it is believed that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was confined in the Dalhousie Barrack before he escaped to Japan, although there is no documentary evidence on this. 

From the collection- 1971 Raja Ravi Varma Commemorative First Day Cover.,  Old Photo- British Military Regiment At Bangalore 1915.,  Antique Print The Royal Visit To India Bombay.

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