Watson’s Hotel & Esplanade Bombay, 1880 Photo

An old 1880 photo of the famous Watson’s Hotel and the Esplanade in Bombay (Mumbai). Owned by a Britisher John Watson, and set up on the Esplanade in Mumbai in 1869. It was the first iron-framed building in India or probably the whole of Asia at the time. Once regarded as a giant cast iron birdcage, an imitation of palatial new hotels then coming up in London and Paris.

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It was also known as the Esplanade Hotel named after the place where it was located. Its complete prefabricated cast-iron framed structure and bricks were all imported from London. The assembly took around 3-4 years to complete in Bombay. Watson’s Hotel went on to become one of the finest and most elegant hotels. So much so that it allowed entry to Europeans only.

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Did you know- this structure was made from prefabricated building material that was never heard of in the British India era of that time.

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