Trams On Esplanade Road British Era Madras, 1945 Postcard

A beautiful 1945 view of the Trams on Esplanade Road British Era Madras, now Chennai. Two electric trams are visible on the Esplanade Road, now the Netaji Subhas Bose Road. Once a huge draw with commuters but sadly the tramway’s life was cut short by mismanagement and political interferences. Evidently a British legacy, the Madras Electric Tram first made its appearance in 1895. The same was the case in Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi, etc, the trams were introduced by the British.

Although there were initial hiccups in getting commuters for the Madras trams due to many fears and hesitations. But later it became a boon with the local commuters for its cheaper fare for the vast area of the city it covered. On the left side of the photo is the famous High Court, and on the right is the tower of the Anderson Church. The road bordered the southern portion of George Town. There was once a vast open ground called the Esplanade or Maidan from which the Road got its name. The High Court later occupied the Esplanade. Click on the photo for better view. 

Did you know – the road connects to one of the city’s earliest streets the First Line Beach, now known as the Rajaji Road

From the collection – 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#8)., Hand-Pulled Punkahs In British Era Bungalows – 2 Old Photos., Colaba Point Lighthouse In Mumbai – Old Print 1868.,  Vintage Book – Cochin Calling 1938.

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