The Terror of Madras, German ship Emden WWI 1914

This 1999 print shows details of the warship, Emden, in WWI that was a terror on Madras, now Chennai in 1914. Not many may know about the German warship SMS Emden that brought WWI to the doorsteps of the British-era Madras (Chennai). The only city in India involved in world war I. The first picture shows the handsome ship, SMS Emden.

The second picture shows its unfortunate encounter with the larger and more powerful warship HMAS Sydney in Cocos Islands. The warship bombarded Chennai on the night of 22nd September 1914. Paralyzing the city with fear so much so that there was a virtual exodus for several days from the city. The Emden is said to have scouted for potential targets around the coasts of British India. Including Calcutta (Kolkata), Trivandrum, Cochin (Kochi), and so on. Click on the photo for better view.

See post Route Of The SMS Emden In WWI – Vintage Map 1930. Read more On Madras Day, remembering how World War I came to Chennai’s shores.

Did you know- in the early 1900s, when World War I was raging, Madras was one of the safest places in the British empire. The last time the city had been attacked was a century and a half before when the French laid siege to Fort St. George in 1758. 

From the collection- Raja Ravi Varma’s Portrait Photo – Old Postcard 1904., Malabar Hill Bungalow With Punkah – Old Photo 1890., Vintage Book 1939 – The Handbook of India., Ballard Pier Mole Station Bombay – Old Postcard 1925

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