The Experimental Steam Tram of Calcutta, 1900 Postcard

The Experimental Steam Tram of Calcutta, 1900 Postcard

A 1900 photo postcard with a rare view of the experimental steam tram of Calcutta (Kolkata). Important officials look to be standing around the steam tram packed with passengers, probably this may have been the inaugural run. The destination board on the first coach reads Kidderpore Bridge to Esplanade it also shows Fare 4 Pice. The steam tram was introduced in 1882 on an experimental basis.

Its destinations consisted of –

1883 – Esplanade – Racecourse – Wattganj – Khidirpur route opened

1884 – Wellington Square – Park Street route opened

1900 – Nimtala – Companybagan route opened

The tramway in Calcutta first began in 1872 using horses to draw the coaches. Both the steam and horse tramway ran in their allotted directions in Kolkata and were active until 1902 when the tramway was electrified. However, the steam tram was scrapped because of frequent maintenance problems.

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Did you know – in 1992 the Calcutta Tramways Company introduced a new venture by starting bus services, initially with a fleet of 40 buses.

From the collection- Vintage Oleograph Raja Ravi Varma “Laxmi”., Bowring Institute Club In Bangalore – Old Postcard 1900.