The British Residency Now Raj Bhavan Bangalore, 1907 PC


The British Residency, now the Raj Bhavan in Bangalore (Bengaluru) shown in this 1907 photo postcard. Built by Sir Mark Cubbon, in whose name the famed Cubbon Park was named. Cubbon was the commissioner of the Mysore territories under the British. The Residency was initially built as his private residence in 1842.

It was put up for sale once he retired from service in 1861. Only to be bought by the succeeding commissioner, L. B. Bowring. In whose name Bowring Club in Bangalore was named. Using government funds it became an official residence of the commissioner. Many changes were made to the building during its time in the British Raj. And was named as the British Residency. A ballroom was added in 1874 when Edward, the Prince of Wales visited India. The British Residency was converted into the Raj Bhavan the official residence of the Governor in 1964.

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Did you know – originally a single-storeyed building,  it was made double-storeyed after adding a floor in 1967.

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